kotak About us
The company started from Mr. Santoso’s long technical experience and dream to meet the growing demand in quality precision components.
Since the beginning, we are known for the quality and value of our products. It has been our policy to manufacture each product in our facilities to ensure process control and high quality standard. We are specializing in manufacture of custom made Mechanical Component and Special Cutting Tool. We serve a broad range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy industry, food & beverage, pharmacy, medical, sanitary product, etc.
Today, we have grown to become a national leader in precision machining in Indonesia and expanding our market regionally. Our list of prestigious clients along with the comprehensive know-how, the innovative thinking, the high-tech equipments and the competent specialists are proof of our commitment and support to our clients.

To become the global leader as engineering company that manufacture precision mechanical component and special cutting tool through implementation of high technology, the right customized solution and innovation.

Consistently producing customized solution products with quality that exceeds customer expectation and with affordable price through process know-how and implementation of technology.
Consistently meeting the delivery schedule.
To provide sales service that is above customer’s expectation via care and personal attention.
To continously improve our working efficiency.
To improve employee competence in technical and sales expertise.
To provide satisfactory return of investment for the shareholders.
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